Things to Accomplish this holiday

- Purify body to a wondrous extent (nae spots, perfect toilet trips, each movement is euphoric)

- Find a linguistic flow again (be able to talk to people about my thoughts on the world so I’m not constantly full of inner-tension)

- Write a lot so to never lose track of time and to help with the linguistic flow

- Pre-reading for uni + 2 books every trecena (13 days).

- Successfully grow sinicuichi, coleus blumei, grass and mushrooms

- Tame ayahuasca as an ally

- Find some sort of satisfying social outlet… meet more people

- Start a youtube channel (when the linguistic flow comes back)

Hopefully I don’t turn mad again this summer - tends to happen without routine but this time I reckon it’s okay

Ross MacIntyre Barton

Show support (may as well give an option). Not allowed disability benefits because I can walk and feed myself... and my mum has removed any cash allowances. Help appreciated :)

Have been given a long term - what has only been simply called - shamanic illness. Waiting for it to end in attempted solitude. Will be on & off tumblr whilst it goes on

Short details can't sum me up well. But its courteous to some degree. Double Aquarian. 19 Glasgow. Elite intellectual & potential prophet. Psychology & Philosophy & The Esoteric & The Occult & Perfectionism. Have had hundreds of detailed synchonicities. God speaks to me. Also like pure ecstasy & euphoria & being myself & general excellent existence criteria & seeing improvements. Currently got a curse period from god - it's meant to turn out good when it's over... it's partially about its fuss over this 2012 set of phenomena involved in this art piece of Earth. It says new consciousness software for humans involving a new language and general play-around-and-explore abilities and mindedness is what the future involves. Hopefully it's not being a prankster

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